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The organization is listening to Hybels and Warren

July 21, 2011

I knew something was up when I noticed the WorldWide Challenge magazine was taking advertisements and promoting books for Bill Hybels

The President of Campus Crusade for Christ, Steve Douglass, is on the "Lead like Jesus" board with Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Bob Buford and Ken Blanchard
source: Lighthouse Trails Research National Board Members Lead Like Jesus


I was surprised shocked when I received an email from Campus Crusade for Christ International stating that they were dropping the name of Christ in their name. They are instead changing their name to CRU. I knew something was up when I noticed the WorldWide Challenge magazine was taking advertisements and promoting books for Bill Hybels.


Steve Douglass, the current president of Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) has been a goof in the past when it came to marketing. I think it was back in the late 1980's, under Steve Douglass' fundraising leadership, when I received many donation requests each week from the organization. After receiving, in the mail, four separate pleas in a single week, I notified them in writing that it was excessive.

I received a letter back with Steve Douglass' name on it. It was clear to me, that they didn't really read my letter. What I received was more like a standard form letter with a few changes. Something that they sent out regularly. Regardless, it appeared to me that they knew they were caught doing something too much. Instead of admitting fault for being too persistent, the form letter was written like "since you have a problem with ..... we will remove you from all future mailings." Due to that incident, I was surprised sickened that the helm of Campus Crusade For Christ International was turned over to Steve Douglass when Bill Bright's health started failing.

But is this name change all Steve Douglass' doing? I don't know. There were other board members corrupted and other Staff Members in favor of this move as well. Some are thinking that they should use marketing techniques, remove the cross, remove Christ name for example, rather than do what God said to do in scripture. Whether the ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ call themselves shorter names here and there isn't the issue. The main name of the organization didn't need to be changed to something they admit to as being "meaningless."

STEVE DOUGLASS connection to Hybels and Warren

How did this name change come about? My guess is it is partly due to Steve Douglass getting close to Hybels and Warren. All three are on the national board of Lead Like Jesus. Lighthouse Trails Research has more or less been sounding the alarm about things associated with Lead Like Jesus conferences.
Lead Like Jesus - Conference alert: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=1612&zoom_highlight=lead+like+jesus
National Board Members Lead Like Jesus


STEVE DOUGLASS connection to Lausanne Movement

The Lausanne Covenant is like the World Council of Churches. More about the dangers read offsite link

Steve Douglass and Rick Warren are on the board or the US Council of Reference of the Lousanne Movement. The Lousanne Movement "was founded at the United Grand Lodge of England/Freemason Hall in London!" This event occurred in 1846 Read (offsite link): Smoke, Mirrors and Disinformation… The Compromised Ties of the Apologetics Ministries "Since readers of “The World Christian Movement” are never informed that the Evangelical Alliance/WEF is the source of Lausanne, it would never come to their attention that the Evangelical Alliance was founded at the United Grand Lodge of England/Freemason Hall in London!  This huge fact is documented in several archived resources at the World Evangelical Fellowship and Billy Graham Center, but is universally ignored by researchers in the so-called discernment ministries."

"The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) is the headquarters of International Freemasonry. This monumental fact identifies the secret societies, and specifically International Freemasonry, as the source of the ecumenical movement and current apostasy. Little wonder that the World Evangelical Fellowship—which today represents 160 million evangelical Christians—also serves as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 14. "


I received an email late at night announcing the name change and inviting people to comment on the CCCI.org website. My wife asked me what was wrong when I groaned out loud after reading the email. I immediately started up my laptop and looked at the forum. There were already a hundred or so comments from people mostly complaining about the name change. A few CCCI Staff or students said they liked the name change because they didn't like having problems with Muslims and professors on campus that hear the words Crusade and Christ. "Blessed are you, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, ...Rejoice, for great is your reward in heaven..." Matt 5:11-12 Many others said they didn't care whether the name was changed but stated that "CRU" was stupid for many reasons. But most of the people commenting said they were appalled. In fact, they weren't going to continue supporting the ministry after dropping Christ.

Campus Crusade for Christ Staff members posted that they already received messages from supporters notifying them that they would no longer be supporting them because of the name change. One was obviously upset that they had already lost a $300 a month supporter due to dropping Christ from the name.

Staff members raise their own money to live on, and a smallish portion of their monthly support goes to the organization as well. They aren't allowed to work extra jobs to suppliment their income. With the dollar collapsing, some staff members, that I know, that live in foreign countries are having difficulty affording trips home for themselves and their families. (Something that some staff can only do only once every three years.)

If a Campus Crusade for Christ International / CRU staff member support level falls too low, they will be sent home to raise their support to at least a minimum level. Due to this name change, I'm guessing that many will be faced with this need. A time when the economy is in a state of depression and getting worse, when 20% of the work force is out of a job or underemployeed, when churches are emptying out, (partly due to following Saddleback and Willow Creek's pipers) this will be even more difficult.

Staff members posting on the Disqus forum on CCCI.org said they didn't have a choice in the matter, and only some staff members were given a long questionaire on the subject of the name change. I saw posts by professionals, some claiming to be in the marketing brand management field, explaining how ridiculous this move was. I also saw a medical doctor give his full name and say he would no longer support the ministry due to this change. I couldn't find that post 6 hours later. (I assume the staff members, monitoring the forum, removed this and other posts that they didn't like. Some people mentioned they didn't like someone censoring their comments when they were invited to post in the first place.)


Many people pointed out, they received an email stating this name change was a done deal, no going back, but were invited to comment. But then were being told off, if not ordered by staff in more or less a namby-pampy way, to stop saying negative things about the name change. People were quoting scripture, angry and at least a few were worrying that Hybels, Warren influenced this change.

At least some of the posts were removed by CCCI staff by the next morning. A couple members of the CCCI Staff monitoring the forum (going by the names of Chris and DavisJDogg) were trying to quiet or stop the complaints and eventually stated that the forum was "toxic" and needed to be taken off line. A rediculous text exchange like out of a bad B movie was entered: "Agreed" to the suggestion that it was toxic and needed to be removed. Soon after, the forum was no longer available. Both of these staff, in my opinion, need to be sent off or given swirlies or sent to Africa. Is it really true that these guys (?) are in a leadership position?


Bill Bright, the co-founder of CCCI, always gave the same message. This organization has lost that understanding somewhere along the way. I remember hearing the story that Bright was in Japan at one point and the staff there were saying they had to do things a certain way or new ways in order to reach the audience. Yet they weren't very effective. Bright got up and started witnessing on the street and surprising the staff with how effective he was. That's really what Jesus said to do, "...be my witnesses" It seems to me that too many churches and organizations are being corrupted these days, and spending too much time doing "leadership" this and leadership that. They are worried about titles and brand management, changing their clothing style to incorporate ripped jeans. They also give themselves titles like "executive pastor" or whatever. They should realize the executive is Jesus (YHWH) and He has already given the vision and put the thought into the matter about how to proceed. Asking others to show up for meetings to hear the vision of what the new pastor has for "his" church is wrong.



Steve Douglass and the rest of the board of CCCI (or is it CRU) should resign. At a minimum they should get the Hybels and Warren leaven out of the organization immediately and start witnessing, instead of worrying about brand management, hurting feelings of professors etc.. Time is short and it doesn't look to me like they need to worry about being around 5 years from now. The Great Tribulation looks imminent.

Matthew 24:33 "... when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door." NASB

If you want to comment to CRU directly, email: Brandmanager@ccci.org

(I wonder how long it will be before Hybels and Warren are on their board? By the names they are using (Brand Manager), it looks that way. Do any of the CRU Board members and others on staff go to or watch the terrible yearly event at Willow Creek, global leadership conference? The one that barely mentions Jesus and invites rock stars to speak to Christians. Rock stars such as Bono that prance around as Demons and display upside down crosses while singing "I haven't found what I'm looking for" and who preach to Christians to COEXIST. questions to ask)


Other sites with comments on the name change:







Bill Bright, the co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, always gave the same message. This organization has lost that understanding somewhere along the way.

"...it is interesting to learn what happens to those who disagree with leadership in Campus Crusade. Taken from Campus Crusade's campus ministry manual, they say, "A critical attitude of fellow staff of the Campus Crusade ministry, or of other individuals or groups, shall be considered as evidence of disloyalty to Christ, and shall be accepted as an act of resignation" (I FOUND IT!, p. 108). Can you believe this -- no criticism of anyone within CCC, nor of any individual or group outside of CCC! A cold dictatorship is a better way to understand this statement. This whole idea of not even voicing one negative thought against the leaders and equating that with disloyalty to Jesus Christ makes Campus Crusade God."

Above Quoted from: Biblical Discernment Ministries

Jude, the half brother of Jesus commanded us to: "earnestly contend for the faith"

This policy in CCC, seems to me, to be an attempt to break or at least dilute this Biblical command by preventing / gagging all criticism whatsoever. A Christian Staff member caught in a situation where they must "earnestly contend for the faith," will perhaps either not be very earnest, not speak out, or not criticize to keep their position rather than follow the command by Jude. Jesus Himself was critical of certain people, groups and institutions. (Sanhedren, Pharasees, Saducees, Scribes, shop keepers, Kings, Fishermen, etc.)

Paul the Apostle was also deeply critical on occassions of others, including Jesus' Disciples.

Where would we be if people didn't criticize the wolves in sheep's clothing that we were warned would creep into the churches?

Do you have a comment on this subject?